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I'm a maker at heart. To me, engineers are actually magicians because they have the ability to turn ideas into reality. It's fascinating that sparks of creativity firing in our heads can end up being a tangible product that impacts the world. I enjoy many aspects of both entrepreneurship and engineering (software, electrical, mechanical, etc). Look at some of my projects in my blog!

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Around here, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. 

-Walt Disney


Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering

Minors in Robotics, Computer Science, Entrepreneurship 

Class of 2020

Tau Beta Pi - Engineering Honor Society

Eta Kappa Nu - IEEE Honor Society

Bloomberg Scholar 

GPA: 3.95/4.00 (Highest GPA in my department)

SAT: 2380/2400

Online Courses


June 2019 - Dec. 2019
Incoming IoT Data Engineer Intern
June 2018 - Aug. 2018
Engineering Intern
Aug. 2018 - July 2018


July 2020 - Future
Software Engineer
June 2019 - Dec. 2019
IoT Data Engineer Intern
I am currently creating an IoT sensor architecture that will be deployed at Micron's semiconductor manufacturing sites. On the hardware side, I am creating a PCB with sensors that measure EMI, audio, motion, acceleration, temperature, etc at relatively high data rates using the I2C and SPI protocols. On the software side, I am developing a Python package to read from these sensors in a multiprocessed fashion and transfer the data via a WebSocket connection to a central server. Using Dash by Plotly, I also created a visualization GUI tool that allows data scientists and data engineers to view the sensor streams in near real-time and send HTTP requests to the sensing devices. On the sensing devices, I developed a RESTful web service using Flask-RESTful to process these HTTP requests and allow the users to control the devices remotely (ie. change the hardware gains on the operational amplifiers, change the sampling rate per each sensor, get device status, etc).

Using these sensor data streams, we will implement statistical methods to identify anomalies with the equipment so that we can locate errors in the production process faster and conduct preventative maintenance.
June 2018 - Aug. 2018
Engineering Intern
While at Stanley Black and Decker, I developed an IOT platform for farmers to send soil sensor data (ie. humidity, temperature, pH, etc) wirelessly to the cloud and a program would automatically generate suggestions on how to increase crop yield. My intern team submitted this project into Stanley Black and Decker's Intern Innovation Contest where we competed against 90 other interns to create a new business model that SBD could pursue. We won first place and the prototype I created moved into further testing on rural farms in India. In addition to that project, I also conducted market research and created prototypes in waste & recycling and teleoperation of heavy machinery to produce innovative concepts for new products and services.
Aug. 2017 - July 2018
I created a small startup called VersaMaker. The VersaMaker is the Swiss Army Knife of desktop prototyping because users can easily change the functionality of the machine from 3D printing, to CNC milling, to liquid printing, and to laser engraving. I applied for a provisional patent for a 3D printing process that allows for faster and stronger prints. Featured on ABC 2 news, Citybizlist, Technical.ly, Bizjournals, JHTV, WBAL-TV, JHU FastForward, and FinancialBuzz.
Feb. 2017 - Sep. 2018
Student Partner
Supported Johns Hopkins entrepreneurs through student-led venture capital firm. Focused on sourcing deals and conducting due diligence on startups in medtech, education, fintech, and more for potential investments. Helped raise $530k in funding and assessed startups through valuation of business models, founders, and market need. 
May 2017 - Aug. 2017
Internal Controls Intern
During this internship, I conducted SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002) testing of numerous internal controls to ensure compliance. I applied financial accounting principles, thoroughly practiced Excel skills, and learned about various facets of compliance within a large corporation. I believe I am pretty decent at using Excel as I thoroughly used Excel daily throughout this internship.
Jan. 2014 - Aug. 2014
Project Head
Throughout most of 2014, I created several prototypes of electric longboards that eventually led to a final carbon fiber board with Bluetooth connectivity, 9-mile range, 22 mph top speed, and 12 lb total weight (lightest board on the market at the time of its release). Taught myself circuit/PCB design, bluetooth communication, and how to use prototyping machines like 3D printers, CNC routers, laser cutters, etc. I wore several hats while working on bringing this board to market: I not only developed the board, but I also marketed the board on social media and garnered 4200+ likes on the campaign's Facebook page, graphic designed all of the vector art for the Kickstarter campaign page, and edited all of the product photographs in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Learn more about this project here!

Side Projects




With our project FormCheck, we won the first-round US competition and received a free trip to China to compete in the second round! In Beijing, for the second-round competition, we got second place out of 2000+ teams and won $7,500! Read about this project here!


With our project YOLObike, Thomas Keady and I won first place at HopHacks Spring 2019 and received $1,024. Read more about this accomplishment here and this project here!


When I was working on my startup, VersaMaker, I competed in Open Works' EnterpRISE venture competition and won the grand prize of $10,000! Read more about this accomplishment here and this project here!


When I was working at Stanley Black & Decker, my intern team and I created a product called SoilSense. We competed in SBD's innovation challenge and won first place! Read more about this project here!


When I was working on my startup, VersaMaker, I won a $10,000 grant as part of getting into the O'Connor Fund cohort. Read more about this accomplishment here and this project here!


During my Junior year at Hopkins, the ECE faculty chose me to receive the William H. Huggins Award and $500 for scholarship and service to the department. Read more about this accomplishment here!


In high school, I won a $60,000 merit-based scholarship from Fortune 200 company, NRG Energy. This award was in honor of Howard Cosgrove, who is NRG's chairman of the board. Read more about this accomplishment here!

Bloomberg Scholar


I received a Bloomberg Scholarship award for "the university's highest standards of academic achievement, leadership, and intellectual curiosity." This scholarship allowed me to graduate from Hopkins loan-free.

Note: this was before Michael Bloomberg made an unprecedented $1.8B to Hopkins, effectively making every student a Bloomberg Scholar.


While I attended Hopkins, I was admitted into Tau Beta Pi, the oldest and largest engineering honors society. Admission is based on engineering talent, academics, leadership, and service. You can verify my membership here.


I won a $6,000 scholarship from the Project Management Institute of New Jersey. They evaluated candidates based on academic record, leadership activities, community service, and references. Read more about this accomplishment here!


In high school, I received a National AP Scholar award from College Board for taking 11 AP tests and receiving 5/5's on all of them.